Worried your property may be contaminated with Methamphetamine, or if you suspect your tenants have been smoking or cooking meth, there’s a quick and easy way to test if your home is safe. A DIY meth residue testing kit you can detect drug residue on surfaces in your home under 5 minutes.

A 10-pack kit can be used to test multiple rooms in a house to ensure your investment or landlords investment property is not contaminated by the tenants smoking or cooking Meth.

All our DIY Surface Meth Test Kits are designed only for testing surfaces for methamphetamine residue. They are presumptive test kits only and will not provide you with contamination levels, only a negative or positive indication if over 0.5µg/100 cm2. This level was set in the Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines.

These tests are produced in Germany by a reputable company. The brand meth test kit is used are used by professional remediators throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are one of the most trusted kits in Australia. 

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Before committing to a meth testing inspection, it may be worth investing in an instant test kit first to determine contamination. If confirmed positive, we can progress to having a meth test inspection.

  • Affordable

  • Simple Instructions

  • Identify Problems

  • professional & Accurate Results

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Advantages of Our Test Kits

  • Safe

    Using it without any hazardous chemicals

  • Low-risk

    Cross-contamination risk is reduced since each sample has its own buffer and dropper solution

  • User-Friendly

    Easier to use than competing products

  • Extremely sensitive

    DIY KIT are calibrated to 0.5µg/100 cm2

Contents of Kit

2 Cotton Swabs
2 Buffer Solution Dropper
2 Templates (for placing on wall to ensure 10cm x 10cm test)
Instruction Sheet and advice on what to do next if meth tested positive

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