Who We Are

IECL has over 15 years of combined experience testing properties for Methamphetamine and Amphetamine contaminants. Although meth lab detection has been reducing over the years the public awareness of the contamination issues has driven a rise in investigation and detection of Methamphetamine contaminated properties.

IECL inspection and testing can be customized to meet the specific circumstances of each client.

Clients We Service

  • Councils and Government – Public housing and housing commission homes. Our proven process is cost-effective and can be applied on scale. Additionally, we have teams who will travel to central QLD and NSW.
  • Property Managers –  Sometimes we will be required to conduct meth testing to confirm if there is contamination. We can then provide a testing report with the scope of works for the decontamination of residue.
  • Home Owners-  It can be devastating to find your home or rental property has been used as a meth lab or been contaminated due to occupants using the substance in the property. We can provide a report and testing to confirm the extent of the contamination. Be assured that we use the most cost-effective testing technology and processes to identify the contamination.

We are happy to provide free phone consultations to customers who would like information on the processes involved. Please call us today


There is no dedicated Australian certification and governing standards relating specifically to meth testing in Australia. There are however guidelines produced by the Australian government which we follow called the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines.

  • CQBCC – Licence in project management
  • RIA – Restoration Industry Association
  • NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities


Core Team

Alex Wilkie

Lab Director

PhD (MolBio), B.Biotech (Hons)

Alex is a qualified doctor and is a microbiologist / mycologist. He has worked in academic research. Alex operates the IECL lab which provides mould spore counts, species identification and more!

David Saunders

Indoor Environmental Professional

David Saunders has been working in the restoration industry for over 20 years and was employed by one of the largest Insurance restoration companies in Queensland for over 16 years with the final 12 years (2007-2019) as the company’s Senior Project Manager.